While we were at Laguna in December we wanted to see and do as much as possible and one day we paddled all the way to the other side of the lagoon in a plastic canoe to see what was there. Upon arrival we found a road which lead around the lagoon and some local’s advised us we would be able to access the sea beach over the sand dunes. We set off the next day on a mission in our 4×4 to find the road which lead to the beach, well that ended up a lost cause as the path was so steep and the sand was too soft that we knew any attempt to go up it would end badly and getting stuck or rolling the 4×4 didn’t seem like a good idea. However our adventure was not at all dismal we drove around the lagoon as far as the road would safely take us seeing the beautiful lagoon from a different side. On the way back we even then popped into an inviting local beach pub to try out some local drinks like R&R (Rum and Raspberry Juice), coconut cocktails and 2M beer while enjoying a great view of the lagoon and relaxing. We were even able to go snorkeling in front of the beach pub as they had sunk a few boats and created a local reef which has attracted an amazing amount of sea life. We saw Eels, Parrot fish, Angel fish and so much more and best of all the reefs are close to shore and are suitable for all ages my daughter of 7 years old learned to snorkel that day and now can’t wait to go again. Life is filled with so many great experiences we just have to go out and seek them out.